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Where to find SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE POP and TV Stars

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The winner has been selected but i'm not sure Steve or G4 will be appearing this year, but the ex-contestants start to spring up in Pantoland. Andy Steed, who was one of Sharon Osborne's final five, will be appearing as Genie of the Lamp alongside Sonia in Stafford.


With the end of Big Brother 5 on Channel 4, Pantoland can now boast three previous winners starring this year - Craig Philips (winner of BB1) can be found in Southport in Aladdin, Cameron Stout (winner of BB4) can be found again in Aberdeen in Snow White and Nadia (winner of BB5) will be treading the boards in Southampton.

The other Big Brother 5 contestant to break into pantomime this year is Michelle Bass who has just been confirmed as the Princess in Aladdin in St Albans.


Other veterans of Big Brother are Alison Hammond in Telford and Penny Ellis in Porthcawl.


There is also the Big Brother Pantomime on E4 which begins on the 20th December - more details in the Green Room.

Another reality show and another crop of performers for panto - Andrew Derbyshire, who has toured the UK with Joseph for most of 2003/4, stars in Horsham while Marc Dillon and Kim Gee star in Crawley and Swansea respectively.




The inclusion in any reality series with 'Celebrity' in the title obviously points to some form of fame over the years and we can find three jungle survivors treading the boards in pantomime this year! Wayne Sleep in Windsor, Darren Day in Dartford and Toyah Wilcox is appearing with Eastender's Jack Ryder in Canterbury.


The King of the Jungle 2004 is Joe Pasquale - soon to be Jack in Birmingham!



Eastenders past and present make up a huge part of pantoland this year:-

Letitia Dean (Sharon Watts) -


Hannah Waterman (Laura Beale) -


Anita Dobson (Angie Watts) -

High Wycombe

Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) -

Milton Keynes

Sophie Lawrence (Diane Butcher) -

Milton Keynes

Gary Beadle (Paul Trueman) -


Carly Hilman (Nicci De Marco) - Wolverhampton

Sid Owen (Ricky Butcher) -


John Altman (Nick Cotton) -


Jack Ryder (Jamie Mitchell) -


Dean Gaffney (Robbie Jackson) - Southsea

Lucy Benjamin (Lisa Fowler) -


Leila Birch (Teresa De Marco) -


Des Coleman (Lenny) -



Ulric Brown (Winston) -



Andrew Lynford (Simon) -


Louise Jameson (Rosa De Marco) -


Ross Davidson (Andy O'Brien) -


Shaun Williamson (Barry Evans) -


Paul Moriarty (George Palmer) -



Richard Elis (Huw) -



Tony Caunter (Roy Evans) -



And now to two of the biggest films of the last 12 months!!

Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) and Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) take the stages of the Assembley Rooms, Derby and the Old Vic Theatre in London to play two very different roles from those on film. Sir Ian McKellen will be playing Widow Twankey in Aladdin and Chris Rankin is playing Percy the Henchman. Read what Sir Ian has to say about his appearance in panto this coming season - link


And while we are on films - Spiderman will be swinging into action in Bromley, St Albans and Wimbledon!


The world of music is served this year by two singers from successful boybands and one from a very successful pop group who is now making a name for himself in the theatre, most recently in the West End in Joseph. We are talking about 'H' from Steps (Brighton), Shane Lynch from Boyzone (High Wycombe) and Lee Brennan from '911' (Darlington). There is also an 80's sensation, who was recently seen on ITV in Re-born in the USA, as well as having represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest - Sonia (Stafford). Sam Bloom from 'Allstars can also be found in Stafford.

Back to television, we travel around the world to Australia for cast members of Neighbours and Home and Away!

Dan Paris (Drew)

- Belfast

Jay Bunyan (Jack)

- Bromley


Anne Charleston (Madge)

- Basingstoke


Lucinda Cowden (Melanie)

- Bedworth


Alan Fletcher (Karl)

- Malvern


Mark Raffety (Darcy Tyler)

- Torquay and Runcorn

Patrick Harvey (Connor O'Neill)

- Chatham

Richard Grieve (Sam)

- Redhill




Ray Meagher (Alf) - Mansfield

Lynne McGranger (Irene) - Lincoln

Daniel Collopy (Josh) - Stockport

Ben Steel (Jude) - Hastings


We also draw upon other soaps, Coronation Street, Crossroads, Brookside, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks -

Kevin Kennedy (Curly) will be appearing at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham with another Coronation Street star - Chris Gascoyne who played Peter Barlow. Sherrie Hewson (who has also appeared in Crossroads) appears in Derby alongside one of her Crossroads co-stars Lionel Blair (who really needs no introduction!). Ken Morley (Reg) appears in Blackpool, Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth) appears in Porthcawl and Denise Welch (Natalie) appears in Stockport. Ian Rogerson, who until recently played Harry Flagg, will be appearing in Sheffield.

In a blast from the Coronation Street past, Geoffrey Hughes (Eddie Yeats) one time lodger of Hilda Ogden can be found in Southampton. Geoffrey Hughes can now be found in Heartbeat and was the idle Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances.



One of the most famous ex-residents of Brookside Close is Claire Sweeney who, since leaving the soap, now graces musical stages and daytime television screens regularly as well as Celebrity Big Brother.

Other ex-close residents appearing in pantomime this year include Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill) in Southport, Diane Burke (Katie) in Camberley, Katy Lamont (Adele) in Carlisle, Sarah White (Bev) in Liverpool, Michael Starke (Sinbad) in Llandudno, Kris Mochrie in Liverpool and Danny McCall (Owen) in St Helens.

Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill) - Southport


(L to R) Summer Matthews (Byker Grove), Katy Lamont (Brookside) and Neil Armstrong (Byker Grove) - Peter Pan, Carlisle



There are two pantomime veterans from Emmerdale on duty this year - both ex-residents of the village - Lisa Riley (Stoke) and Malandra Burrows (Grimsby). And you can't forget Frazer Hines (Joe Sugden) in Hull! From the newer generation of ex-residents, chef Carlos (Gary Turner) is performing in Rhyl.


Bernard Latham (Mr Cunningham) in Redditch, Tiffany Mulheron (Natalie) in Rotherham, Henry Luxemburg (Toby Mills) in Bristol and Helen Noble (Abby) in Manchester. You can also find Ross Davidson (Andy Morgan) in Crewe, Lisa M Kay in Windsor, Kate Baines (Beth Morgan) in Blackpool and Jonathan Le Billon (Brian Drake) at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton.


The world of Childrens Television lends its support to cast lists all around the country - from CBBC, CBeebies and CITV we offer the following:-


  Kasia Haddad - Riverfront Theatre, Newport

Danielle Nicholls - Weston-super-Mare

Kirsten O'Brien - Croydon

Chris Jarvis - Bournemouth

Channel 5's HAVAKAZOO Gabrielle Bradshaw - Durham

The Chuckle Brothers - Manchester

Sooty - Windsor and Skegness

Postman Pat - Wolverhampton and Bradford

Patrick Miller (Bath), Sarah Lawton (Newport), Gary Kitchin (Rotherham), Bridie Hales (Weymouth), Summer Matthews (Carlisle), Neil Armstrong (Carlisle), Gary Kitching (Rotherham)

(L to R) Summer Matthews (Byker Grove), Katy Lamont (Brookside) and Neil Armstrong (Byker Grove) - Peter Pan, Carlisle

Blue Peter

Mark Curry (Eastbourne), Peter Duncan (Truro) and Tim Vincent (York)

Stephen Mulhern (Chatham)

Anna Kumble (Derby)

Jez Edwards (Aylesbury)

Rescue Robots and Scary SleepoverAnna Williamson (Basingstoke)


Diggin It Liam Dolan (Tunbridge Wells)

Mark Powlett (Redditch)


I would hate to refer to the next section as a blast from the past but these television programmes are probably only known to kids of a certain age!! Although in the days of UK Gold and Digital Television they can still be seen on any number of television screens around the world. The World of Music is featured with perhaps the original girl group and some hearthrobs from the 60's and 70's.


From the Cafe Rene, who can forget the two waitresses! Vicki Michelle and Sue Hodge - Yvette and Mimi! Vicki can be found in Llandudno and Sue is in Hull - both pantomime veterans in various guises over the years. Plus Kim Hartman (Helga) will be starring in Weston-super-Mare and Arthur Bostrom who played the 'polocemin' Crabtree in this vintage series will be appearing in Stafford.




Set in Maplins holiday camp, this series was the main-stay of Saturday night entertainment on the BBC. Now being repeated on digital channels and having a new lease of life (and fans) on DVD re-issues. Stars of this series who are appearing this year are Ruth Madoc (Gladys) in Sheffield, Paul Shane (Ted) in Hull, Jeffrey Holland (Spike) in Manchester and Nikki Kelly (Sylvia) in Bridlington.



Recently voted Britain's Favourite Sitcom and you can't switch the BBC on and not find a repeat of many of the classic episodes. Two of the major characters from the series 'Boycie' and 'Marlene' are appearing this year - John Challis in Croydon and Sue Holderness in Aylesbury.


Not perhaps known about now but in a years time after the new BBC series of this classic television programme Doctor Who is shown it may have a whole new fan base!! Two previous incarnations of the doctor are starring in pantomime this year - Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy in Nottingham and Guildford. We also have two of the doctor's assistants as well - Frazer Hines who is listed under Emmerdale but also Bonnie Langford who really needs no introduction to pantomime audiences, or any theatre audience come to that! Frazer is in Hull and Bonnie is in Reading. You will also find Louise Jameson (Leela) in Eastbourne and Mary Tamm (Romanadvoratrelunda) in Sutton.




Set in the department store 'Grace Brothers' - another great BBC comedy programme - Captain Peacock, Mrs Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Mr Lucas and of course Mr Humphries! It is the latter two that appear this year - Trevor Bannister in Newport, South Wales and John Inman in Richmond.



The Story of Sharon and Tracey (No, not the Ugly Sisters!!!!) with their next door neighbour Dorien! Linda Robson (Tracey) can be found in Redhill, while Lesley Joseph (Dorien) can be found scaring small children as the Wicked Queen in Snow White in Newcastle.


Britt Ekland


A Bond Girl and the star of Wicker Man and Get Carter. Also famously married to Peter Sellers.

Gary Wilmot



Showstoppers and various musicals including Me and My Girl and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Brian Blessed



Has appeared in Z-Cars, Doctor Who, Blackadder, I Claudius on TV and has appeared in the films Flash Gordon and Star Wars - Episode 1.

Gareth Hunt


Upstairs, Downstairs

and the Nescafe Adverts!


Stu 'Crush a Grape' Francis


Russ Abbot


The Russ Abbot Show


Lily Savage (Paul O'Grady)


Linda Lusardi



A former Page 3 Girl, she has recently taken part in the Channel 4 Programme 'The Games' alongside Shane Lynch.


Paul Daniels



Master Magician, he appears alongside his wife - the lovely Debbie McGee.


Faith Brown


Started on television as an impressionist - probably most famously Margaret Thatcher. Recently touring with musicals.


Bernie Clifton



The Krankies


Crackerjack and The Krankies TV Shows


See also our Double Acts section

Paul Nicholas



Just Good Friends on Television and in the theatre too many to mention (Jesus Christ Superstar being just one) - currently touring in the musical Jeckyl and Hyde.

Alvin Stardust


70's Singer and star of Green Cross Code adverts.


Fenella Fielding


A deep voice and star of Carry on Screaming - to name just one of her famous films!!

Jess Conrad


60's Hearthrob! (That's what the publicity material says!)

Jimmy Cricket


Come Here! Comedian who is famous for his catchphrase and his wellies.

Keith Harris and Orville


Along with Cuddles the monkey, used to have their own children's television show. I Wish I Could Fly - the single made it into the charts.

Karl Howman



Brushstrokes and Flash Adverts

Jeremy Beadle

New Brighton

Game for a Laugh, Beadles About and You've Been Framed

Cannon and Ball



Bella Emberg


The Russ Abbot Show

Roger Royle



Or should we say The Reverend Roger Royle! More used to seeing him on Songs of Praise or hearing him on the Wake up With Wogan radio show on Radio 2.

The Nolans


The Original Girl Group!!

Maureen (Doncaster) & Anne (Runcorn & Torquay) - the next generation of Nolans finds Amy in Runcorn & Torquay.


If you know of any other stars we have missed please let us know and we will add them to the list immediately - there are probably loads of people we have missed, not to mention the stars who need no introduction or show to recognise them! This section has so much more to offer and will continue to updated as the panto season approaches!!


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