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The London Palladium production of "Humpty Dumpty", 1951-1952.

Norman Evans, Betty Jumel and Terry Thomas

Starring NORMAN EVANS, as Martha the Dame. Norman Evans (1901-1962) was famed for his portrayal of Fanny Fairbottom in his Variety and radio sketch "Over The Garden Wall". A protégé of Gracie Fields, he is the character that Les Dawson based his Dame character on-"Wielding her gums with the toothless flexibility of Popeye The Sailor". 

Also starring was Terry Thomas, as the King. His portrayal of the suave "cad" in British films, and his trademark gap-toothed grin and moustache made him a household name. The production also features Noele Gordon, musical comedy and Panto star (and of course Meg Richardson in TV's Crossroads Motel) along with Peggy Mount, the much loved character actress, as well as Jean Bayless, later to star in "The Sound of Music" in the West End, and Gillian Lynne, director and choreographer. Her many West End and Broadway successes include "Cats". All in all a wonderful star studded bill!

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