Laidler Pantomimes - 1902 - 1955

Bradford & Elsewhere

Laidler Pantomimes - Bradford

Year Pantomime Location Cast
1902/03 Red Riding Hood Princes Theatre Gracie Graham, Fanny Harris, Percy Curry, Guy Drury, Teddy Gibbs
1903/04 Aladdin Princes Theatre Violet, Minnie & Marie Silcott, Ruby Winstone, Bob Selvidge, May Maple, George Collins, Gilbert Rogers, Fred Maple, Sandy & Carl, Mr.F.Martino (Frank MacNaughten production)
1904/05 Robinson Crusoe Princes Theatre Adela Rose, Lily Black, Billy Elliott, Oliver Conroy
1905/06 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre Esme Gordon, Edith Ager, Percy Curry, T.B.Fayme
1906/07 Cinderella Princes Theatre Florrie Forde, Alice Williams, Nellie Sheffield, Jo Monkhouse
1907/08 Aladdin Princes Theatre Lillie Soutter, Ethel Bryant, Bert Byrne, Frank Robinson, Dan Hardie
1908/09 Red Riding Hood Princes Theatre Florrie Forde, Susie Belmore, Victoria Cross, Bert Byrne, Will Lindsay, Frank Robinson
1909/10 Forty Thieves Princes Theatre Ada Fawn, Leslie Gibson, May Mannering, Dick Tubb, Alf Corrie, Chris le Brun, Frank Robinson
1910/11 Babes In The Wood Princes Theatre Florrie Forde, Susie Belmore, Bob Selvidge, George Brooks, Willie Leopold, Victor Crawford, Gilbert Rogers
1911/12 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre Barbara Babbington, Mona Vivian, Olive Pursell, Bert Byrne, Tom Bates, Hector Gordon
1912/13 Cinderella Princes Theatre Alice Wyatt, Susie Belmore, Gypsie Hodgson, Minnie Myrie, Reg Bolton, Victor Crawford, Fred Anderson
1913/14 Robinson Crusoe Princes Theatre Alice Wyatt, Molly McCarthy, Mamie Watson, Lucy Murray, Bob Selvidge, Syd Howard, Leslie Barker, Fred Anderson
1914/15 Aladdin Princes Theatre Mona Vivian, Aimee Stewart, Minnie Myrle, Reg Bolton, Will Lindsay, Norman H Lee
1915/16 Cinderella Princes Theatre Rene Ralph, Empsie Bowman, Walter Amner, Brothers Obo, Percy Cahill, Milton Brothers
1916/17 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre Mona Vivian, Daisy West-Collins, Bob Selvidge, Brothers Obo
1917/18 Robin Hood Princes Theatre Lily Vine, Winnie Goodwin, Fred Walmsley, May Sherrard, Adrian Ross
1918/19 Forty Thieves Princes Theatre Winifred Ward, Lottie Govell, Brothers Obo, Ken Kendrick, Bob Selvidge, Frank Lilliput
1919/20 Babes in the Wood Princes Theatre Gabrielle Ray, Nellie Gallafent, Gwennie Harcourt, Fred Walmsley, Leslie Barker
1920/21 Aladdin Princes Theatre Gwladys Stanley, Bobbie MacCaulay, Aimee Stewart, G.S.Melvin, Brothers Obo, Pat Redmond,, Harry Thornton
1921/22 Cinderella Princes Theatre Gwladys Stanley, Cecilia Gold, Chick Farr, Leslie Barker, Jimmy Pullin, Pat Redmond
1922/23 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre Rene Ralph, Dot Temple, Cissie Sullivan, Tom D Newell, Tom Drew, Tom Morton, Walter Waite
1923/24 Red Riding Hood Princes Theatre Dorothy Leigh, Winifred O’Connor, Jack Pleasants, John E Coyle, Hobbs & Nolan, Gwennie Harcourt
1924/25 Robinson Crusoe Princes Theatre Cissie Sullivan, Dorothy Viggers, Marian Dawson, Naughton & Gold, Nor Kiddie
1925/26 Babes in the Wood Princes Theatre Daisy Taylor, Irene North, Reg Bolton, Tom Prior, Eddie Foy
1926/27 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre Margery Wyn, Jane Ayr, Harry Angers, Jack & George McNaughton, Stuart Watson
1927/28 Cinderella Princes Theatre Ouida Macdermott, Betty Green, Marian Dawson, Madge White, Tom Prior
1928/29 Aladdin Princes Theatre Vera Vere, Jessie Moore, Fredric Culpitt, Queen & Le Brun, Hal Bert, St John Sisters
1929/30 Jack & the Beanstalk Princes Theatre Madge White, Betty Davies, Mark Daly

Pantomimes now at The Alhambra

1930/31 Mother Goose Alhambra Norah Blaney, George Lacy, Joan Brett, Marie Picquart
1931/32 Humpty Dumpty Alhambra Nita Underwood, Gwen May, Dolores & Cecilia Nono, Bertram Dench, Hugh Rene, Ivor Vintor
1932/33 Babes in the Wood Alhambra Irene Lister, Noreen Davies, Mary O’Hara, Norman Griffin, Albert Modley
1933/34 Dick Whittington Princes Theatre* Eileen Midgley, Evie Carcraft, Albert Modley, Dick Evans
1934/35 Red Riding Hood Alhambra Phyllis Godden, Bessie Pratt, Jennie Gregson, Fred Walmsley, Roy Barbour
1935/36 Cinderella Alhambra Phyllis Godden, Bessie Pratt, Ivy Luck, Marian Dawson, Reg Bolton, Claude Worth
1936/37 Mother Goose Alhambra Rosalind Melville, Iris Sadler, Marion Gerth, Doreen Cheyne, Joan Preston, Albert Modley
1937/38 Babes in the Wood Alhambra Robin Coles, Elsie Tree, Fred Walmsley, Holt & Maurice, Betty Conquest
1938/39 Aladdin Alhambra Frank Randle, Peggy Bedall, Iris Sadler, Renee Foster
1939/40 Mother Goose Alhambra Margaret Morgan, Pauline Lewis, Marian Dawson, Albert Modley, Darroll Richards
1940/41 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra June Bardsley, Joy Francis, Norman Evans, George Baines, Percy Garside, Hal Osmond
1941/42 Red Riding Hood Alhambra Veronica Duke, Anne Singer, Marie Delaislane, Phil Strickland, Jack Hayes, Percy Garside
1942/43 Cinderella Alhambra Rosalind Melville, Pauline Lewis, Georgette Perry, Muriel White, Bunny Doyle, Rich & Galvin, Wilfred Watson, Billy Purvis
1943/44 Humpty Dumpty Alhambra Grace Draper, Irlin Hall, Norman Evans, Betty Jumel, Percy Garside, Charlie Jass
1944/45 Aladdin Alhambra Sylvia Kellaway, Audrey Hewitt, Bunny Doyle, Bert Rich, Wilfred Watson, Billy Purvis
1945/46 Jack & the Beanstalk Alhambra Bunty Meadows, Gloria Starr, Sonia Stacpoole, Roy Barbour, Jack Hayes
1946/47 Mother Goose Alhambra Norman Evans, Margery Manners, Betty Martin, Betty Jumel, Percy Garside, Edgar Driver, Richard Milner, Billy Purvis
1947/48 Cinderella Alhambra Wilfred Pickles, June Whitfield, Fay Lenore, Marian Dawson, Bert Rich, Richard Milner
1948/49 Red Riding Hood Alhambra Norman Evans, Margery Manners, Mary Merodith, Percy Garside, Billy Purvis
1949/50 Humpty Dumpty Alhambra Albert Modley, Margery Manners, Bonnie Downs, Deirdrie Peyer
1950/51 Aladdin Alhambra Zena Dell, Mary Allen, Claude Chandler, Rob Currie, Alex Lennox, Percy Garside, Billy Purvis
1951/52 Cinderella Alhambra Kathleen West, Walter Niblo, Joy Beattie, Jasmine Dee, Trevor Morton

Mother Goose

Alhambra Jack Storey, Doreen Duke, Bonnie Downs, Hackford & Doyle, Billy Purvis, Horace Mashford, Phyllis Gladwyn, Sheridan Grant, Bernard Bedford, Les Murphy
1953/54 Jack & the Beanstalk Alhambra Bunny Doyle, Betty Dayne, The Romas
1954/55 Red Riding Hood Alhambra Jack Storey, Jasmine Dee, Viki Emra 

Laidler died 1955. Control of his theatres now in the hands of Gwladys Stanley, his widow

1955/56 Robin Hood Alhambra Jimmy Paige, Eddie Henderson, Call McCord and his horse, Ladybird
1956/57 The Sleeping Beauty Alhambra Billy Whitaker, Joe Black, The Three Sikis, Barbara Sumner, Lorna Dean
1957/58 Puss In Boots Alhambra Ken Barnes, Bonnie Downs, Patricia Vivian, Donald Stewart

Gwladys Stanley stops producing Pantomimes. Sam. H. Newsome produces at Alhambra

1958/59 Dick Whittington Alhambra Ronnie Hilton, Sonny Jenks, Billy Stutt, Don Arrol, Susan Swinford, Derek Westlake
1959/60 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra Ken Dodd, Tony Heaton, Lisbeth Lennon
1960/61 Robin Hood Alhambra John Hanson, Jimmy Wheeler, Freddie Frinton, Joe Baker, Jack Douglas

Princes Theatre Bradford sold for demolition

1961/62 Puss In Boots Alhambra Tommy Cooper, George Bolton, Joy Turpin, Diana Day
1962/63 The Frog Prince  Alhambra Charlie Cairoli, Freddie Frinton, Billy Dainty, Astra Blair
1963/64 Pied Piper Of Hamelin Alhambra Reg Varney, Freddie Sales, Joe Church, Terry Feris

Gwladys Stanley puts her Alhambra company into Liquidation

Bradford City Council buy the Alhambra. Managed by Rowland Hill. 

The end of the Laidler Alhambra connection.

1964/65 Tom Thumb Alhambra Jimmy Clitheroe, Hope & Keen, Kathleen West, Danny Purches
1965/66 Robin Hood Alhambra Mike & Bernie Winters, George Lacy, Michael Bevis, Manetti Twins, Ruth Evans
1966/67 Cinderella Alhambra Freddie Frinton, Derek Dene, Kathleen West, Betty Jumel, Ruth Evans, John Larson
1967/68 Pied Piper Of Hamelin Alhambra Freddie Davies, Mark Wynter, Don Smoothey, Betty Emery, Anna Lou & Maria
1968/69 Merry King Cole Alhambra Harry Worth, Peter Butterworth, Lauri Lupino Lane, Robert Earl, Anne Harriman
1969/70 Dick Whittington Alhambra Vince Hill, Bobby Dennis, Don Maclean, Don Smoothey, Toni-sue Birley
1970/71 Robinson Crusoe Alhambra Tommy Trinder, Jack Tripp, Marion Grimaldi, Allen Christie, Cox Twins, Miles Twins
1971/72 Cinderella Alhambra John Hanson, David Hamilton, Wendy Bowman, Tommy Rose
1972/73 Aladdin Alhambra Bobby Bennett, Jack Tripp, Jasmine Dee, June Shand, Paul and Barry Harman (now Paul and Barry Chuckle - The Chuckle Brothers)

1973/74 Puss In Boots Alhambra Freddie Garrity, Frankie Desmond, Terri Howard, Arthur Tolcher

Gwladys Stanley dies in Monte Carlo

1974/75 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra Charlie Drake, Jack Smethurst, Nat Jackley, Cannon & Ball, Patsy Maclean
1975/76 Goldilocks & The Three Bears Alhambra Terry Scott, Anne Aston, Jackie Pallo, Blayne Barrington
1976/77 Aladdin Alhambra Barbara Windsor, Freddie Davies, Michael Bates, Donald Hewlitt, Michael Knowles, John Clegg
1977/78 Cinderella Alhambra Charlie Drake, Dora Bryan, Bernard Bresslaw, Bill Simpson, Anne Aston, Joe Black 
1978/79 Babes In The Wood Alhambra Les Dawson, Tammy Jones, Peter Goodwright, Roy Barraclough, Eli Woods
1979/80 Dick Whittington Alhambra Bill Maynard, Alan Curtis, McDonald Hobley, Joy Launor-Hayes
1980/81 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra Cannon & Ball, Norman Collier, Susan Maughan
1981/82 Aladdin Alhambra Little & Large, Norman Collier, Patsy Ann Scott, Dudley Long
1982/83 Cinderella Alhambra Russ Abbot, Denise Nolan, Dustin Gee, Les Dennis, Blayne Barrington
1983/84 Babes In The Wood Alhambra The Krankies, Billy Dainty, Peter Goodwright, Alan Curtis, Janet Edis

1984- 1986 The Alhambra Theatre closed for refurbishment

1986/87 Babes In The Wood Alhambra Cannon & Ball, Wyn Calvin, Craig Douglas, Sharon Keil
1987/88 Aladdin Alhambra Sue Pollard, Jimmy Cricket, Paul Shane, Eli Woods, Jane Danielle, Joe Black, Maurice Thorogood
1988/89 Dick Whittington Alhambra The Krankies, Christopher Biggins, Amanda Redington, Simon Bowman, Derek Holt, Russell Lane, Maurice Thorogood, Abigail Lee
1989/90 Cinderella Alhambra Jim Davidson, Jess Conrad, Charlie Drake, Hilary O’Neil
1990/91 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra Max Boyce, Geoffrey Hayes with George & Zippy, Jane Freeman, Liz Hobbs, Ian Botham
1991/92 Robinson Crusoe Alhambra David Essex, Bobby Bennett, Erik Ray Evans
1992/93 Babes In The Wood  Alhambra Russ Abbot, Bella Emberg
1993/94 Cinderella Alhambra Paul Nicholas, Billy Pearce, Bobby Bennett, Dave Lee
1994/95 Aladdin Alhambra

Billy Pearce, Roy Barroclough, Lewis Collins, Nicholas Smith

1995/96 Dick Whittington Alhambra

Mathew Kelly, The Grumbleweeds, Linda Lusardi

1996/97 Jack & The Beanstalk Alhambra

Paul Squire, Frank Bruno, Geoffrey Durham, Ken Morley, Emma Roache

1997/98 Cinderella Alhambra Billy Pearce, Geoff Hinsliff, Su Douglas, Mina Anwar, Sasha Lawrence
1998/99 Peter Pan


Leslie Grantham, Joe Pasquale, Joanna Bobin
1999/2000 Dick Whittington Alhambra Lisa Riley, The Chuckle Brothers, Peter Byrne
2000/2001 Aladdin


Alhambra Cannon & Ball, Tricia Penrose, Kulvinda Ghir, Liana Bridges & Sooty
2001/2002 Snow White


Alhambra Amanda Barrie, Billy Pearce
2002/2003 Jack and the Beanstalk


Alhambra Billy Pearce, Malandra Burrows, Bill & Ben, Don Crann, Charlie Cairoli and Su Douglas




Billy Pearce,  Dean Sullivan, Mina Anwar, Su Douglas, Veronica Hart, Miles Weston


Dick Whittington

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Billy Pearce, Paul Usher, Bobby Bennett, Carolynne Good, Faye Barker, Postman Pat


Snow White


Lesley Joseph, Roger Kitter, Peter Piper, Victoria Hay, Andrew Kennedy, The Magnificent Seven




Billy Pearce, Bobby Bennett, Lila McConigley, Philip Hitchcock, Gary Sharkey


Peter Pan


Billy Pearce, Peter Blake, Rhoda Montemayor, Ronni Elizabeth Hart, Jodie Jackson, Leanne Fury, The Acromaniacs,




Billy Pearce, Hayley Tamaddon, Jan Eric



Billy Pearce, Gaynor Faye, Leanne Jones, Tony Adams, Jay Worthy



Billy Pearce, Sian Reeves, Peter Piper, Kelly Chinery



Billy Pearce, Andrew Ryan, Hilary O'Neil, Neil Fingleton, Ian Stuart Robertson


Laidler Pantomimes Elsewhere


Mother Goose

Daly’s Theatre

Cora Goffin, George Lacy



Mother Goose

Princes Theatre, Bristol Walter Amner, Audrey Ball, Victor Eynsford, Eileen Fowler, George Lacy, Flora Macdonald, Richard Milner, Marie Picquart, George Queen, Angus Strong


Babes in the Wood

Victoria Palace

Gwladys Stanley, Mary Daly, Duggie Wakefield


Dick Whittington

Princes Theatre, Bristol Hart Athol, Mamie Holland, Wilbur Lenton, Anne Leslie, Isabel Merson, Bonnie Roberts, Mona Vivian



Princes Theatre, Bristol
Jean Colin, Leslie Strange, Connie Graham, Monti Ryan, S. Griffiths-Moss, Norah & Peg St. John, Leslie Noyes & Dorothy Dee, Kiraki Bros., Eddie Black, Victor King, The J. Sherman-Fisher Girls, Francis Laidler's 12 Little Sunbeams
1937/38 Cinderella Princes Theatre, Bristol

George Baines, Peggy Bedell, Joan Cole, Jack Hayes, Charlie Jass, Wendy Elliott, Phil Strickland, Jay Galvin, Phyllis Godden, Victor King, Ron Rich

1938/39 Jack and the Beanstalk Princes Theatre, Bristol Norman Evans, Jean Colin, Jack Barty, Joyce Winn, Howard Rogers, Marie Delaine, Percy Garside, The Lennox Sisters, De Suter Bros, Shanks Bros, Marion Gerth, J Murray Stewart, Kirby’s Flying Ballet, The Twelve J Sherman-Fisher Firls, The 12 Little Sunbeams.


Red Riding Hood

ROH, Covent Garden

Patricia Burke, Nelson Keyes, George Jackley, Polly Ward, Arthur Rees. Royalty attended.


Red Riding Hood

Princes Theatre, Bristol

        Jean Colin, Bunny Doyle, Madge Escolme, Percy Garside, Richard Hassett, Arthur Hosking, Rosalind Melville, Tommy Prior, Billy Purvis, Mavis Ray



London Coliseum

Patricia Burke, Leslie Sarony, Leslie Holmes, Joan Cole and the real life sisters Joan and Doris Fred-Emney (Daughters of the actor and brother of the actor with the same name).

Also starring Jane Corda, Monti Ryan The Turner Twins, Charlie Jass (as "Neddy" the Horse)the John Tiller Girls and Kirby's Flying Ballet



London Coliseum

Jean Colin, Iris Sadler and Jerry Verno. 

(During the blitz. Laidler often slept  in a corridor there)


Jack and the Beanstalk

London Coliseum

Jean Colin, Lorely Dyer, Norman Evans, Jimmy Plant, Joe Crastoian, Betty Jumel, Dimitri Vetter, Kathleen Livingston, Joe P. Kennedy, Kirby's Flying Ballet, and The 16 John Tiller Girls.


Mother Goose

London Coliseum

Norman Evans.


Humpty Dumpty

Theatre Royal, Leeds

Jack Storey, Joy Beattie, Don Saunders, Bonnie Downs


Sleeping Beauty

A Gwladys Laidler Production

Theatre Royal, Leeds

Anne Boobier, Eric V. Marsh, Billy Whittaker, Patricia Somerset, Charles Wlatt, June Campbell, Ruby Wlatt, Moyna Cope, Lorna Dean, Albert and Les Ward, Terry Scott, Stephanie Dane and Robert Hargreaves 

Last Laidler Panto 1954. Red Riding Hood. Dec 27th 1954. Heart Attack.


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